Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Home Security Inspection Survey

Home Security Inspection Survey

Over the past few weeks we have seen an increase in requests from residents asking for advice on "beefing up" their home security.  This is a great idea!   We use a FREE resource available from the Sheriff's Department.

The San Diego County Sheriff has Crime Prevention Specialists that work out of the North Coastal Station (our area).  They will come out to the home or business and conduct a free home inspection security survey.  The survey is done by the specialist who is a trained Sheriff's Dept. employee.  They offer many tips and suggestions on how to "harden the target" and improve the security of the home or business.  They are not financially driven by a product or company so you know their opinions and advice are honest real world suggestions.  Many of the improvements you can do are very easy to do and may not cost you anything!  They are very familiar with current crime trends county wide.

To schedule a home inspection, please call their office - you can connect with either

Gary Rivers, 760-966-3587
Jonathan Simon 760-966-3588

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Home Invasion Robbery Nearby

This is information from the San Diego County Sheriff-  This crime occurred just outside the Covenant.  

SYNOPSIS: At 10:59 p.m. on January 12, 2018, deputies from the North Coastal Sheriff's Station responded to a call of a home invasion robbery in the 3900 block of Stonebridge Lane in the community of Rancho Santa Fe. Four black male adult suspects, wearing masks and each armed with guns, entered the victims' house. The suspects bound the victims, and then ransacked the residence. The suspects left the area in an unknown direction. The loss in unknown at this time. The investigation is on-going and is being handled by the North Coastal Sheriff's Station Detective Unit.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Burglaries are Increasing

Burglaries in the area (and surrounding areas) are on the rise....   A reminder- please lock your doors and windows, arm your alarm systems.  If you are leaving the home, make the house look like someone is around- leave lights on timers,  pick up newspapers.  If the house looks empty then you are increasing your chances of being a target.   Lock up your valuable items.

If you see suspicious people or vehicles, call us or the Sheriff right away.  So often we get information  a day or two late -  call right away when you see the activity or persons.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Important Weather/ Fire Information

From San Diego County Emergency:

12/9/2017 4:30:00 AM PST
The fire danger remains extreme through the weekend as the National Weather Service is continuing its red flag warning for San Diego County through 8 p.m. Sunday. Single-digit humidity levels in combination with more widespread winds building up strength over the weekend mean residents must stay alert for fires and avoid any activities that could spark a fire. 
The Lilac Fire and wildfires to the north of San Diego County serve as a reminder to everyone to have a family emergency plan which includes an emergency kit. As part of that, families should practice evacuating and discuss where they will meet if they are separated when an emergency breaks out. 
Pre-planning or pre-packing of irreplaceable documents and mementos could give people peace of mind. News reports on wildfire survivors frequently mention that they had only minutes to flee and left with just the clothes on their back.
Stay informed of local conditions and report any potential fires immediately by calling 9-1-1. Register your cell phones for AlertSanDiego emergency notifications and monitor local news reports.
For the latest emergency updates in English and Spanish, visit, and download the SD Emergency app. If you are affected by the fire and need to talk to someone by phone about evacuations, shelters, road closures and other non-emergency disaster-related services, call 211. If you are hearing impaired, dial 711 and ask to be connected to (858) 300-1211.  

Also- be sure to close and lock windows and doors when not at home.  False alarm calls due to wind-blown doors and windows reduce service levels for legitimate emergencies.  Double check before you leave the house.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Fire Preparedness

Here is some useful information from the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Department on Preparing for a disaster-

For more information see their website- it has quite a bit of information.

Although we do not have a "boiler plate" evacuation route for everyone to use- because incidents are dynamic and ever changing, you should always have a plan on what to do and what to take; at least two ways out of your neighborhood and know multiple ways to and from work.

You should share this plan with friends and family in advance so they know what to expect.

If you have animals that require evacuation, you should have an up to date plan on how to deal with them.  You should contact your local animal shelter, vet or a person with trailers that knows how to handle horses.  If you feel threatened during a disaster event and have not been advised to evacuate, you should evacuate sooner than later.  It takes time to load up dogs, cats, horses and other animals.

We encourage everyone to register your phone numbers/email addresses with Alert San Diego.  This is really important to receive up to date information.

Another helpful website is San Diego County Emergency.  There is an app you can download to your phone- links are on the page:

Friday, June 30, 2017

4th of July Parade

The parade starts at the RSF School parking lot at La Granada and Avenida De Acacias and goes through the village to end where it starts.   Form up for the parade starts at 12- 12:30.   The parade starts at 1:00 pm.  There is a community BBQ immediately following in the south village park. To make the form  up easier, please keep this in mind:

1. Follow the marshals instructions for form up. Cars go against the curb- don't take up the parking spaces! Make two or three lines if needed.  Do not block El Fuego.
2. Kids have to wear Helmets if they are on bicycles (good idea for skateboards too).  Parents have to monitor all of their kids throughout the parade route.
3.  Have your children to stay in formation.  It is dangerous if they run ahead or through the parade. 
4.Please, no candy in cars, floats. Throwing candy causes small kids to run into the moving vehicles.
5.  Antique cars overheat.  If the car has radiator or cooling issues, it may be best not to drive it. 
6. Only well trained parade horses should participate.  The route is noisy with loud speakers, sirens and lots of people.  If the horses cannot be controlled safely we will ask them to move out of the parade.
7. Have Fun!

Monday, May 22, 2017

About that Junk Mail

Recently we were passed a tip by an alert member.  She saw some people going through the junk mail trash bin at the post office.  They could of been looking for a piece of mail they inadvertently threw out or trying to get some names and addresses.

It makes sense to be mindful of what you are throwing out into the trash... if it just says "resident" or "occupant" then there probably is not much to worry about.  But, if you are throwing out those credit card solicitations, or other mail with you name and address on it, you may want to take those home and shred them.  Sounds like a hassle, but you never know what someone could pick up.

We will be letting the Postmaster know of the activity to see if they can do anything.