Tuesday, October 20, 2015

National Teen Driver Safety Week

October 18th through the 24th is National Teen Driver Safety Week. During this time, the Sheriff's Department encourages parents talk with their teenagers about how safe and responsible driving habits can save their lives and those of others.

One way a new teen driver can learn about the rules of the road is by taking part in the Sheriff's Start Smart program.

The FREE two-hour class is designed for new drivers and their parents/guardians to teach them about their responsibilities while behind the wheel.

Deputies will discuss the conditions of a provisional license, as well as Social Host rules in San Diego County. Students and parents will also watch graphic videos which vividly show the dangers of impaired and distracted driving.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), car crashes are a leading cause of death for teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19-years-old.

Parents: make teen driving safety a priority. Encourage your teenagers to enrolls in the Start Smart program. For a list of classes near you, visit: www.sdsheriff.net/startsmart.

To learn more about Social Host rules in San Diego County, visit:www.sdsheriff.net/social-host.
San Diego County Sheriff's Department
9621 Ridgehaven Ct
San Diego, CA 92123

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Finding Rover

Often we get calls to pick up lost/found dogs.  Unfortunately because the dog has no chip or collar with a tag, we have to turn the animal over to the County Animal Services and the dog goes to doggy jail for a short time- or longer.  Here is an app that County Animal Services recommends (in addition to licensing  your dog and adding a chip).  It uses facial recognition for your dog.  You load it on your phone.

Check the link below!

Finding Rover


Friday, August 21, 2015

Speeders and other Traffic Complaints

We occasionally get complaints form residents about speeding vehicles and other traffic complaints. When we get a complaint, we log it and pass it on the the California Highway Patrol.  We do this because they are the Law Enforcement agency tasked with traffic enforcement in our area.

One of the best way to keep them engaged and in the "loop" is to call them directly.  If you have a concern about speeding vehicles or other types of traffic violations that you see on a day to day basis, give them a call.  Below is the number that you can call- and the address of the local CHP office.  Please note- it it is something occurring right now, or a drunk driver, call 911.
CHP "Oceanside" Area Office
435 La Tortuga Dr, Vista, CA 92081


Sheriff's You Are Not Alone Program

From the Sheriff's Department:
Today is National Senior Citizens Day to recognize America's seniors and the role they play in our communities.

The Sheriff's Department would like to honor its nearly 600 senior volunteers. They donated nearly 170,000 hours last year performing various duties at stations and substations.

Sheriff's Senior Volunteer Patrol members oversee a safety program called You Are Not Alone or YANA. We want our elderly and disabled residents to know they are never alone. YANA members get daily telephone calls and a weekly visit from Sheriff's Senior Volunteers year-round. If no one answers repeated calls or knocks on the door, emergency medical help may be summoned. Some stations and substations offer birthday, Easter, and holiday season visits with gift baskets.

For more information on the program or how you can volunteer, visitwww.sdsheriff.net/volunteers.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Night Out Against Crime

Tuesday August 4 is National Night Out Against Crime.  We will be joining the Sheriff's Department who is hosting a block party at the Target Parking lot on North El Camino Real in Encinitas from 2 til 6 pm.  See the flier below:

Friday, July 24, 2015


Parking in the Village can be a challenge sometimes....  Over the years we have seen the businesses loose sight of the "mantra".  If you are a business owner or manager, you should be encouraging your employees from parking in the middle of the Village.  They certainly should not be parking in any of the timed spots....  Due to increased complaints about the lack of turnover, CHP Officers are focusing more on parking enforcement.
This usually gets everyone's attention.  But nobody likes a $62 ticket.... so please cooperate and park away form the green zones... be a good neighbor... In the long run abusing the time limits hurts everyone.