Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Loose Animals

Over the past few months we have seen an increase in passerby's stopping to pick up or attempt to hold a stray or loose dog.  In one case a passerby lassoed an injured coyote!

Loose dogs are often out for a stroll and will return home on their own. Sometimes folks get worried they may be hit by a car.  People stop and try to grab the dog, or put them into their car.

We would like to caution anyone about trying to do this.  It is dangerous!!  Sometimes fluffy is cooperative and other times the animal can become aggressive when restrained or when you try to pick them up.  For example, some animals may have hip or leg issues and when touched they react by biting.

Recently we had a resident hold on to a dog until they could find the owner.  Eventually the dog bit them.  Another restrained dog became increasingly aggressive while the good Samaritan waited for us to arrive.

We suggest that you do not try to restrain, hold, or place stray or loose dogs/animals, or try to get them into your car.  Call Animal Services or our dispatch.  Be a good observer and relay the dog's location.

Sometimes we will not try to restrain a dog either.  We do not have the proper equipment to grab them or restrain them (or a place to hold them).  We will call Animal Services.

Animal Services:  619-236-2341