Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Wind and False Alarms

Every year the Rancho Santa Fe Patrol answers hundreds of false burglar alarms.  The vast majority are due to human error.  Be that opening an armed door, improper operation of the system, or leaving windows and doors unlocked.

The false alarms jump up when windows and door are left open and unlocked when the wind blows.  Many alarms are activated because people leave windows open for air.  The wind blows, causing a motion of some type in the house- or moving the window thus setting off the alarm.  It surprises us how many doors are not properly maintained and just wont latch right or lock.  If the wind picks up- then the alarm goes off.

Please lock your house!  Make sure the locks work properly.  Close your windows.  Alarm screens are a frequent problem- if they wiggle they cause an alarm.  The electrical connections are not that reliable- living this close to the coast corrosion and bad connections are always trouble.  Also- during a Santa Ana weather- you don't want wind blowing into your house-  if there is a fire, the chance of embers blowing in is a very big one.

False alarms are a waste of resources, and consume first responders time away from actual emergencies.  In the end, they cost the association member quite a bit of money.

To combat false alarms (which are 100% preventable), many years ago the Association enacted a false alarm regulation.  If we respond to your home more than 4 times in a fiscal year, we will send you a bill.

Please lock your doors and windows!