Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Magazine Sellers

Over the years we have encountered young adults going door to door selling magazine subscriptions.  One of the ruses is to tell you that they represent a local sports team- like soccer or baseball.  Or, they may say that the neighbor  "the Smith's" down the street just gave me some money......  (that's because they just read their name sign out front......)  They are very slick in their approach.  Well a new batch of solicitors are going door to to door in neighboring areas- here is some info from the Sheriff's Dept. :

Magazine sales scam in San Diego County are being reported to law enforcement. Several students from Cal State San Marcos have been victimized, one for over $500.00 cash in Vista. There were a call from Escondido as well. The Reporting Parties are reporting that part of the ruse is that they are part of project/class with Cal State San Marcos and/or San Diego State. Report any suspicious activity to the Sheriff's Department @ 858-565-5200.

Door to door vendors have to have permits issued by the Sheriff.  They have to be visible and backed up by another legitimate form of ID.  Church groups are exempt.  Our suggestion is not to give anything to door to door vendors.  If you want to donate money, ask them to send you something in the mail.  That way you will have time to look it over and decide if it is legitimate.  They should have a Federal Tax ID number.  Sometimes these solicitors are crooks looking for a way into your house or "casing the  place".