The Rancho Santa Fe Patrol was founded in 1976, as a replacement for the Country Deputy position that was eliminated by the Sheriff. The Rancho Santa Fe Association formed the Patrol.  The Patrol is designed to function as a security service for the Association membership.

Over the past forty two years, the patrol has responded to thousands of calls and assisted Ranch residents with a variety of problems.  The Patrol provides seven day per week, 24-hour coverage.   The Patrol office is located at 16936 El Fuego and is dispatched from a joint powers dispatch agency.  The Rancho Santa Fe Patrol is not affiliated with any other security service or alarm company.

The Patrol works very closely with the Sheriff’s Department and the California Highway Patrol.  Over the past forty two years we have improved our working relationship and are continually fine-tuning our procedures and policies.  In 1997, the California Highway Patrol established a “storefront” office within the Patrol office.  The Sheriff also uses our office as a “storefront” as well.  

Historically, the Ranch has experienced a fairly low crime rate.   Every so often, a “series” of crimes may occur in the area, but overall burglaries and other crimes are low when compared to similar sized population areas. 

Residents are always encouraged to use their security systems, and lock doors and windows.   Many of our “crimes” involve “opportunistic” criminals. By taking simple security measures, you reduce the chances of becoming a victim. 

Because of the topography of the Ranch, homes are spread apart on large parcels of property. Keeping an “eye” on your neighbor’s house can be difficult.  One very effective tip is to keep your eyes open for any type of suspicious persons, vehicles or activity in the area.  As you leave or arrive home, pay attention to people and vehicles.  Do not hesitate to report the activity to the Patrol or Sheriff.  We often receive calls about activity that is one half to an hour old.  Timely reporting is very important. 

The patrol will provide security check/ vacation check services at no charge to all Association members.  Please call the number below to activate this service. 

Residents are encouraged to call us with concerns or questions, and of course to report any type of suspicious activity.

Business:   858-756-4372

Emergency:  858-756-9966

Fax:  858-759-8590 

Mailing address:  PO Box A  Rancho Santa Fe,  CA 92067