Friday, April 22, 2011

Sheriff Crime Mapping Tool

San Diego Sheriff Announces:
The Sheriff’s Department has launched a new Internet tool for the residents of San Diego County., a creation of San Diego-based Omega Group, retrieves crime data, maps it by address, and positions it in crime categories for web users to view. Sensitive crimes, such as domestic violence and sex crimes will not be posted.  Users can see mapped crime; generate summary reports for various time periods, directly link to crime prevention information, and sign up for e-mail alerts. The link will also be available on the Sheriff’s Internet site as a Public Resource, as well as the Crime Prevention and Crime Analysis pages. also has the capacity to automatically send e-mail notifications of recent crimes and then go from mapped crime to real action. Each crime on the map will link back to the Sheriff’s Crime Prevention information page. Users can enter an address or select a specific city within the Sheriff’s jurisdiction. Users will click on a crime and the reported date, time, and general location will be
displayed except Domestic Violence/Sex Assaults. “This is giving our citizens timely information for informed action,” commented Sheriff Gore. “The website sums it up well when it says, ‘well-informed people make better decisions.” For more information, contact the Encinitas Crime Prevention Unit,  @ (760) 966-3587 or 88