Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Scam Beware

We recently had a report about someone calling a resident saying they were FeEx and had a delivery.  When the resident called FeEx, he discovered that they did not have a package to deliver.  Be wary of these types of calls.   Usually, you know when FedEx is going to deliver a package.  All the carriers use tracking numbers that are provided to you when you purchase an item.  these numbers give you a pretty good idea when to expect delivery.  The same is true when you have someone send a package thru a mailbox express business or packing service. 

If you recieve one of these calls, call the carrier to confirm (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.)  If you receive one of these calls you can also confirm the number they called from- by using *69 on your phone. 

Don't answer your door with out looking thru a peep hole or a side window.  All of these carriers wear distinctive uniforms and have ID badges.  If in doubt, call us!

Here is some information on a variation of this scam (from UCAN website):
CONTACT FEDEX OR UPS COURIER SERVICES NOW IS THE NEW NIGERIAN SCAM.  If you get an email like the one below or a phone call telling you there's money waiting to be delivered to you by UPS, Fed Ex or other delivery services, DON'T RESPOND TO THE EMAIL AND HANG UP ON ANYONE CALLING YOU to say money is waiting for you and shall be delivered C.O.D. "today". Part of the trick is to get you to agree to provide your full name, address, bank name, social security number or any other personal information. UCAN received one call last Friday and I received two emails today.   two ucan seniors called to report that they received calls stating UPS was trying to deliver money or checks to them via cash on delivery or C.O.D.  Folks, this is a scam and many people have been hurt by it.  Ususally, the callers have noticeable foreign accents and can't pronounce your name correctly or ask for another name to get you to provide your real name. Authors of the emails write in a manner that is worded differently than you or I would write or speak.