Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fraud and Scams

Every so often we get calls regarding fraud and scams.  Unfortunately, there are more scams every day and the crooks get creative with their tactics.   Sometimes it's phone call from a relative that claims to be in jail or trouble or it may be an email you get asking you to do something about an account you may or may not have.  Usually the calls and emails are phony.

Double check with your relative or banks or businesses you deal with to confirm if the call or email is real..... most often it's not.

Here is a link to the FBI that lists several of the most often seen scams.

Phishing is another way to scam you-  it may be a webpage that presents itself to be legitimate- it's not.  Or you may get an email with a link to a phony or deceptive page. Tip- double check the web address and read the page carefully.    Here is a link to explain-