Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Memorial Service for Dr. Roger Rowe-Parking Information

Saturday, March 31, at 1:00 pm, the memorial service for Dr. Roger Rowe, who served our community for over 40 years as superintendent of schools, will be held at the Village Presbyterian Church in Rancho Santa Fe.

There has been an outpouring of support from individuals and organizations in our Village and over 100 volunteers have been working together to help with this celebration.

Besides the church service, speakers  and music honoring him, there will be a full military honor guard and salute. Dr. Rowe was both active and reserve duty in the United States Navy for over thirty years, retiring as Captain. The reception following will feature tables of memorabilia from the school, community and Dr. Rowe's career beginning in the 1950's. Students from the R. Roger Rowe School will be helping with ushering.

Because of the limited parking and potential congestion around the church, it is respectfully requested that attendees car pool and use the efficient shuttle system that has been devised by the Patrol and Association. Buses and vans will be available from the Christian Science Church Parking lot (Paseo Delicias and La Flecha); Garden Club, Association Office (on Avenida De Acacias near La Granada)  and both parking lots at the R. Roger School (including the El Fuego lot- on the corner of El Fuego and La Granada). 

The Village Church will have have four parking attendants, one at each entrance.
There will be additional handicapped spaces available at the church on a first-come
first-served basis. The shuttle service will run from 11:45 to 4.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mountain Lion Spotted

A Mountain Lion was sighted at 08:00 hours on 3/25/12 in the backyard in the area of 5000 El Acebo. The resident's son may of seen the animal (or similar) on 3/23/12 well.  Fish and Game was notified. 

  The ranch is home to many species of animals, including coyotes, bobcat and mountain lions. These animals are native to the area and can be attracted around homes by leaving pet food out, the presence of small pets, etc. State Fish and Game warn people to not leave food or pets outside and keep a close eye on small children- especially during early morning or late afternoon times. In addition, do not jog, bike or hike alone; do not approach a coyote, bobcat, or mountain lion.
Sometimes the attraction of smaller wild animals attracts the bigger animals as well.

These animals are most active at dawn, dusk and at night.
Often deer are attracted to the area because of food sources, same with opossums, raccoons, and other prey. These animals are often prey for larger animals.

In the past, neighboring communities have had sightings as well. Mountain lions usually avoid humans; they are quiet, solitary and elusive. They can have a range of 200 miles.

Please take precautions to avoid coming in contact with these animals. Below are referral numbers you can call for more information. Refer to the websites below. If you see a mountain lion or experience an attack, contact the numbers below. Fish and game would like to know of sightings to track the activity.

San Diego County Wildlife Services 1-800-486-0010
California Fish and Game- San Diego office 858-467-4201