Monday, November 14, 2011

Save The Date

On November 30 at the RSF Senior Center we will be presenting a program on Shams, Scams, and Schemes (plus other crime prevention topics).  The program is at 2:00pm.  Please join us. 
16780 La Gracia- RSF Senior Center

Friday, November 4, 2011

Burglary Prevention

Here are some tips and advice on burglary prevention

1.        Lock the house-  this is really important.  Before you go out, double check the all doors and windows are locked.  Even if you leave for 30 minutes.  We advise against leaving doors and windows open for ventilation.  The best lock is one that is used.  By the way, make sure your locks work.  Have them fixed right away if they don’t.  

2.      Arm your alarm system.  The best alarm system is one that is used.  If it doesn’t work or you are not sure how it works, call your alarm company.  

3.        If you leave for an extended time- tell someone!  That is, tell someone that you trust.  Have them go by the house and check on it.  Tell a trusted neighbor.  Cancel your newspaper.  Leave lights on timers and make the place look like some on is around.  A vacant house is a target.  Call us if you want us to check the house while you are away.  The information on how to do this is on the right hand side of this blog.  

4.       Lock up your valuables.  If you have a safe- use it- and make sure you lock it. 
Write down the serial numbers of your computers, cameras, watches and other items.  If you have something unique- take pictures of it.   If you have sensitive information on your computers, encrypt it or use an off- site storage service like Drop Box.   External hard drives are good, but lock them up.  Your back up is no good if it is taken.   

If you see someone suspicious around your neighborhood, call us or the Sheriff.  Call when you see them.  It is less helpful to call us two days later. 
We do have burglaries, and many times we find that people learn about these tips after the fact.   Don’t be a victim!  Take a couple of minutes to make sure you lock up and turn your alarm on.