Monday, September 12, 2011

Mountain Lion Spotted

Today (9/12/2011) at about 10:00 am, a resident in the 16600 blk of Zumaque saw a Mountain Lion cross her property.  The cat did not approach her or anyone else. It proceeded down into the Sa Dieguito River Canyon- which is their habitat.   If you should see a mountain lion, you are encouraged to call Fish and Game at 858-467-4257.  If the animal is a threat, call 911.
There are several types of wild animals that live here in Rancho Santa Fe.  Mountain Lions main food source is deer and coyotes.  Eliminating plant species that attract deer help discourage mountain lions from coming into the area. 
Please take precautions – mountain lions are most active at night as well as dusk and dawn.  Do not leave children outside unattended; don’t leave pet food or food that may attract animals outside.  Do not leave animals outside unattended.  Horses should be kept in stalls in the barn.  Be careful when walking/ jogging at dusk and dawn time periods.   If you see a mountain lion- make noise-lots of it.  Yell, scream, and bang on something.  For example, pocket sized air horns are a good way to do that.
If you have any questions please call the Dept of Fish and Game at 858-467-4201  or the RSF Patrol 858-756-4372.

Friday, September 9, 2011

RSF Community Center Meet and Greet

Please join us on September 14 6-8pm, at the RSF Community Center.  We will have staff on hand to answer questions. Stop by and say hello! Info:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mountain Lion Spotted

September 2, at 07:00 hours a gardener working in the area of 4700 El Mirlo spotted what appeared to be a Mountain Lion in the orange grove between the two properties. We contacted wildlife officials, San Diego Sheriff’s Dept. and advised them of the sighting. The animal did not attack or approach the gardener.

The ranch is home to many species of animals, including coyotes, bobcat and mountain lions. These animals are native to the area and can be attracted around homes by leaving pet food out, the presence of small pets, etc. State Fish and Game warn people to not leave food or pets outside and keep a close eye on small children- especially during early morning or late afternoon times. In addition, do not jog, bike or hike alone; do not approach a coyote, bobcat, or mountain lion.
Sometimes the attraction of smaller wild animals attracts the bigger animals as well.

These animals are most active at dawn, dusk and at night.
Often deer are attracted to the area because of food sources, same with opossums, raccoons, and other prey. These animals are often prey for larger animals.

In the past, neighboring communities have had sightings as well. Mountain lions usually avoid humans; they are quiet, solitary and elusive. They can have a range of 200 miles.

Please take precautions to avoid coming in contact with these animals. Below are referral numbers you can call for more information. Refer to the websites below. If you see a mountain lion or experience an attack, contact the numbers below. Fish and game would like to know of sightings to track the activity.

San Diego County Wildlife Services 1-800-486-0010
California Fish and Game- San Diego office 858-467-4201