Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cyber Monday and Holiday Safety Tips

From our friends at the Sheriff's Department:

The San Diego County Sheriff's Department works hard during the Holiday season to make sure you don't end up doing the criminals' Christmas shopping.

You can also help not to become a victim this Holiday season by following our tips. REMEMBER: Theft is a crime of OPPORTUNITY. Don't give crooks the OPPORTUNITY to steal your items. LOCK your vehicles at all times. DON'T leave valuables in sight; ideally, don't leave them in your vehicle AT ALL, especially purses and wallets. If you do, you just might be footing the bill for someone's gift list!

People are increasingly avoiding the stampeding crowds on Black Friday and are now opting to shop online, behind the safety of a laptop or smartphone.

What they don’t realize is that shopping online comes with its own hazards. Criminals are out there to steal your information and use it to shop for their own gift lists.

To ensure that your holiday season isn’t ruined by theft or identity fraud, read our tips on Cyber Monday Safety.