Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Door to Door Solicitors

Every year, we receive a lot of calls about door to door solicitors.  These are usually young adults that go door to door selling cleaners or magazines.  They begin their pitch by telling you that they are your neighbor and they are trying to win a trip to London (or name the place) and you can help them out.  Then they tell you if they sell so much of a product they earn the points to get to that fantastic place.
So- why not?   Well, they are not legitimate.  the product they sell is inferior or the magazines are over priced and you may not even get them.  Are they your neighbor?  NO!  they are pretty smart- they learn an neighbors name by reading the sign in front of their house or they may of just talked to your neighbor and asked their name.  They look in the local paper for names of local sports teams or organizations and tell you they are raising money for them.  Its all bogus.  Don't fall for it. 
These sales people are from out of state and are bussed around to sell this stuff.  Sometimes these people commit crimes too (surprise).
Our advice is not to buy anything other than Girl Scout Cookies from people at your door.  If you are interested in the product ask for some literature and mail order it.
Door to door sellers have to be licensed by the Sheriff and show a valid Sheriff sales ID.  They also have to have a legitimate form of ID to back this up.  Non profit (charity) sellers should have a Federal Tax ID as well.
If they are fishy- call us, we will check them out.