Thursday, June 28, 2012

4th of July Parade

On the 4th we will be holding our 31st Parade.   NEW this year, we will be forming up in the RSF School parking lot.  If you are in the parade, just line up in the pick up/ drop off lane next to the curb.  Do not park in the parking spaces.  The line forms on a first come, first served basis.  Line up starts at 12:15pm, the Parade starts at 1pm. 

Some tips and rules for the parade:

1. Kids, Bikes go to the back of the line
2. Kids have to wear Helmets if they are on bicycles (good idea for skateboards too)
3.  Please, no candy in cars, floats. Throwing candy causes small kids to run into the moving vehicles.
4. Tell your children to stay in formation.  It is dangerous if they run ahead or through the parade.
5.  Antique cars overheat.  If the car has radiator or cooling issues, it may be best not to drive it. 
6. Horses are last.  Only well trained parade horses should participate.  The route is noisy with loud speakers, sirens and lots of people.  If the horses cannot be controlled safely we will ask them to move out of the parade.
7. Have Fun.