Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Business Alert!

In the North County region there have been burglaries that target businesses.  The crime occur at night, and usually the loss is computer equipment.  To help deter these crimes and assist in loss recovery, these steps you can take are highly encouraged:

1.  Use the alarm system when leaving for the night

2.  Make sure you have descriptions and serial numbers for all your computer/electronic equipment.

3.  Don't "display" your large monitors/computers  near windows that can be seen from the street or sidewalk.

4.  Use anti theft cables and locks on computers and devices.

5.  Consider using anti-smash film on your windows.

6.  Video surveillance is very helpful, but make sure it is of high quality- specially at night. A grainy, low res image does not help identify suspects.

7.  If you see anyone coming into your business that seems to be casing the place, call us or the Sheriff right away.

Also-  Car Burglaries

Lock your car!!!   Do not leave anything valuable in your car.  Crooks will break a window to steal a 20 dollar pair of sunglasses.  Don't hide anything under floor mats or the seats. The coastal areas are prime target for car burglaries and crime.  We see this migrating out here in RSF.