Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Home Security Inspection Survey

Home Security Inspection Survey

Over the past few weeks we have seen an increase in requests from residents asking for advice on "beefing up" their home security.  This is a great idea!   We use a FREE resource available from the Sheriff's Department.

The San Diego County Sheriff has Crime Prevention Specialists that work out of the North Coastal Station (our area).  They will come out to the home or business and conduct a free home inspection security survey.  The survey is done by the specialist who is a trained Sheriff's Dept. employee.  They offer many tips and suggestions on how to "harden the target" and improve the security of the home or business.  They are not financially driven by a product or company so you know their opinions and advice are honest real world suggestions.  Many of the improvements you can do are very easy to do and may not cost you anything!  They are very familiar with current crime trends county wide.

To schedule a home inspection, please call their office - you can connect with either

Gary Rivers, 760-966-3587
Jonathan Simon 760-966-3588