Friday, November 19, 2010

Lock Your Car!

Last month, we had two reported car burglaries.  In both cases, valuables were left in the car.  Now that we are approaching the holiday season, we need to be more vigilant about locking our cars, homes and businesses.  It is very important to not leave valuable items in your car- specially in the passenger area.  Crooks know that if you park in certain areas your car will be unattended for a while- places like shopping malls, golf courses, movie theaters.  It is convenient just to stash stuff behind the seat- don't do it.  Reduce the chances of becoming a victim- take away the opportunity. 

Always park in a busy area- in good lighting.  If you are nervous about going back to your car- ask for an escort.  Look around you- if you see something that doesn't look right- report it. 

When at home- lock your doors- when you are there and when you leave.  Leave lights on- make the place look lived in.  Houses that look dark and vacant are a target.  If you are going away- call us for a home security check.  Arm up your alarm system-not working right ?  call for service.  The service call could be far less expensive than the cost of replacing stolen property.  Tell a trusted friend or neighbor your are away.  have them keep an eye on the house for you.