Friday, November 19, 2010

Mountain Lions


On September 22nd and 28th  2010, we had three  separate reports of mountain lion sightings.  In April this year we had report that a mountain lion had injured two dogs.  In this case there was no visual confirmation of the cat attacking the dogs.  A paw print was found nearby that was a mountain lion print.
The recent sightings were located:
1.       Sept  22 3:45 AM in the area of the RSF Library in the village
2.       Sept 28  1:45 AM behind a home on a trail in the 17500 block of Los Morros.     
3.       Sept. 22 or 23 8:30 AM  in the area of the San Elijo Lagoon trail west of El Camino Real near La Orilla.
These were sightings, the animal did not attack anyone.  There have been sightings in nearby communities- Cielo, Fairbanks Ranch, etc.  over the past year.  Mountain Lions have a large territory- so this is not unusual.  They are very elusive animals and do not want to interact with humans.  
The sightings were reported to the California Department of Fish and Game.  If you should see a mountain lion, you are encouraged to call Fish and Game at 858-467-4257.  If the animal is a threat, call 911.
Although historically sightings are rare, there are several types of wild animals that live here in Rancho Santa Fe.  Mountain Lions main food source is deer and coyotes.  Eliminating plant species that attract deer help discourage mountain lions from coming into the area. 
Please take precautions – mountain lions are most active at night as well as dusk and dawn.  Do not leave children outside unattended; don’t leave pet food or food that may attract animals outside.  Do not leave animals outside unattended.  Horses should be kept in stalls in the barn.  Be careful when walking/ jogging at dusk and dawn time periods.   If you see a mountain lion- make noise-lots of it.  Yell, scream, and bang on something.  For example, pocket sized air horns are a good way to do that.
If you have any questions please call the Dept of Fish and Game at 858-467-4201  or the RSF Patrol 858-756-4372.
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